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Aunt Sally

They say cats have nine lives. Aunt Sally intends to live all nine to the fullest. Follow Aunt Sally as she explores the world, causing mayhem along the way. Adventure is her game and she will stop at nothing to find it.

How does she get her name? What happens when she visits the zoo? Is she burned in a fire? Does she escape drowning? Does she beat burglars and the boys at the Paint Ball Park? Even a simple holiday can go awry with Aunt Sally around.

All of these questions will be answered, and more. Aunt Sally’s antics will have you laughing and shaking your head. Just what else will that crazy cat do?

Discover Aunt Sally’s world and go along for the ride. Fun and adventure await!

Early Reviews

Just loved Aunt Sally and the little adventures she went on. It was a great and easy read.  Kids will love it.

Halle Chizzotti, Aged 15


The children’s books I believe will be a big hit.  I love how Aunt Sally goes on adventures.  The books are also very easy to read and understand which is a huge plus, and I love the rhyming as children love this kind of thing and it will be something that will stick with them.  They’re also very engaging and children will love them!!!

Demi Chizzotti, Aged 17


I liked reading it aloud because it's poetry.  Aunt Sally reminded me of my own cheeky kitten. 

Chelsea, aged 10.


Jean Peel's poetry perfectly captures the special bond that forms between children and their pets.  The Aunt Sally stories possess an old-world charm and conjure up memories from one's own child-hood.  Jean Peel's picturesque writing style is both perceptive and detailed and allows the reader to read and enjoy Aunt Sally's adventures time and time again.

Tori Playford, Kindergarten Aide


I think the rhythm makes it very enticing to read. A classic children's story. Humorous, easy to visualize and Aunt Sally is a loving character. A perfect story for the little tots.

Lis Ruiz, Artist


‘Aunt Sally went to the zoo’ is a very good poem in the way that it engages you yet entertains through rhyming every line. At first, I thought the phrase like ‘Lovely Grub’ was maybe not right for very young children who may not know what grub was but once read out loud, it made a lot more sense in my opinion.

Keiji Martin, Aged 12


The story of ‘How Aunt Sally Got Her Name’ has good rhyme and is easy to read because it has good cohesion.   I would give this 4.75 stars out of 5.  Recommended for readers under the age of 8.

Tia Martin, aged 10


I have just read one of the books of the Aunt Sally series and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is well written and the format works perfectly.  With colourful illustrations, the series is perfect for younger children, especially bed-time readings by parents and grandparents.  Like the young people, I look forward to more of Aunt Sally’s adventures and recommend you do the same!

Janice Martin, Grandmother

Aunt Sally and Matilda Jane are a delightful pair. Through language, rhythm, rhyme and humour, we are taken on wonderful quirky, funny adventures. Just lovely!
Megan Forward, Writer and Illustrator

Aunt Sally Children's Books
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