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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

I’m a writer, published children's picture book author, an amateur painter and greeting card maker. If you love reading to your children, grandchildren, or anybody’s children, or if you simply just love cats, please read on. My heroine is an old, grey, fat cat called Aunt Sally. She’s an intrepid adventurer and my stories are all about her lifetime escapades.

The first two stories in a series of nine, (they do say cats’ have nine lives after all) are: -

 How Aunt Sally Got Her Name and

 How Aunt Sally Went to the Zoo

These stories are in rhyme and suitable for all young children. (I believe they will also appeal to all you cat lovers out there). They have been written with gentle humour, and I will say, as well, with love. Some of the stories are based, very loosely, on the exploits of my own old White Puss, who sadly, is no longer with us.

To hear more about Aunt Sally’s progress through the publishing world please hit the subscribe button and type in your email address. There’s absolutely no obligation. It’s simply a way of automating my emails rather than sending you an individual email and it will save me time.

What do you think of my website? Any suggestions for improvement? If so, please contact me either through Facebook – jean.peel.3, or via email at

Please don’t forget to subscribe before you leave my webpage.

Contact me: -

jeanpeel45 Instagram

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