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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

(Cat lovers too)

Say hello to Aunt Sally - she's old, she’s grey and she’s very fat but very lovable

My Aunt Sally is:

  • intrepid

  • she’s an adventurer

  • she was found at the fair

  • she’s been to the zoo

  • she’s almost drowned

  • she’s been to sea

  • she almost lost her life in a fire

  • she’s beaten the burglars

  • she’s got the better of bullies

  • she went on holidays

  • she became a mother

How Aunt Sally Got Her Name and How Aunt Sally went to the Zoo will be published shortly by Ocean Reeve Publishing, on the Gold Coast.


This story you're about to hear

Will hopefully please, so do not fear.

It’s how Aunt Sally was given her name

By a little girl called Matilda-Jane.


If you would like to learn a little bit more about Aunt Sally’s progress through the daunting, but interesting, world of publishing, please hit the subscribe button on my website page -

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